Focused | Relevant | Unmistakable

With an expertise in color technology and  material science  Premier can develop targeted application-specific color, polymer, & additive solutions with a wide range of performance properties, combined with unmatched array of technical and formulation capabilities.


It is easy to be all things to all people.  We believe that focusing on what you do best pays dividends.  Focusing on what your customer needs, critical.  If you focus on these 2 things by providing world class quality products, you will succeed.


Yes Relevant.  Premier wants to be relevant to your business.  Impactful.  We believe it is easy to settle with what you always have done.  Repeating today & tomorrow with what you were successful with yesterday.  Slowly, before you know it your products and your company are not relevant. Being consciously relevant is in our DNA.


Our passion for what we do touches all aspects of our business.  You can expect a relationship with Premier to be responsive, collaborative, and uniquely innovative.  We define thinking outside of the box.  What makes us “tick” is providing solutions that positively impact you, your company, and your products.  That is why we feel you will find us… unmistakable!